Brain Injury Awareness Discount

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The Dynavision D2™ is recognized in hospitals and clinics worldwide as a leading device to aid in traumatic brain injury and concussion rehabilitation programs.

According to TIRR Foundation research:

  • 5.3 million Americans live with a disability as a result of a TBI.
  • 50 million Americans have permanent neurological disabilities that limit their ability to perform daily tasks. 
  • The economic impact of spinal cord injuries in the US exceeds $7.7 billion annually.
See more about the collaborative neurotrauma research at TIRR Foundation.
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ADD/ADHD Treatment and The Dynavision D2™

Did you know the Dynavision D2™ can be used in ADD/ADHD treatment?

Children with ADD/ADHD often attend best when given one-to-one intensive instruction paired with positive reinforcement. Using specific strategies to increase motivation and engagement can help with challenging behaviors.

Download this resource to read more.

Attend a FREE regional training event facilitated by a licensed occupational therapist to experience the D2™.

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Brain Injury Awareness Discount

Place your order during Brain Injury Awareness Month for free shipping* through the end of March.

The Dynavison D2™ is recognized in hospitals and clinics worldwide as a leading device to aid in TBI and concussion rehabilitation programs. We strive to empower our users to reach their full potential. Challenging and motivational programs facilitate individualized treatment for all ages, stages, and abilities.

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Partner Spotlight: Fitness Evolved

Fitness Evolved in Berkeley, CA is hosting 2 free hands-on training sessions with Dynavision on March 10th and 11th.

CEUs will be available to the OT, PT, SLP and AT professions. Reserve your seat online as spaces are limited!

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New Research: Post-concussion, peripheral vision reaction times substantially impaired

Dynavision was utilized in a University of Cincinnati College of Medicine post-concussion study published this month in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine.

The study concluded that patients who sustained a concussion, followed by symptoms of visual dysfunction, experienced significantly delayed central and peripheral vision reaction times when compared with a control group of patients with no history of concussion. 

Read more from EurekAlert! below. 

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