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The Dynavision D2™ is the premier cognitive training device in the market that combines eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision training, and brain processing to drive PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT, FASTER RECOVERY, and MORE EFFICIENT NEURAL PROCESSING*.

Our D2™ device and software are simple to use and provides accurate quantitative data so trainers and clinicians can easily interpret it for training or rehab management. We DON'T lock you into a subscription and hope to develop a working relationship with our customers to expand our research presence.  

The D2™ is used by athletic training facilities, sports teams, the military, hospitals, and rehab offices across the United States and even some international countries. Athletes, Athletic trainers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Functional Neurologists, Doctors, and Scientists all recommend the Dynavision D2™  and recognize its immense value-add to any training environment. 

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