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INNEURACTIVE is taking the cognitive performance training market by force with their cutting-edge methods backed by years of established neuroscience. They are our strongest strategic partners and collaborate with us on developing unmatched neurovisual training programs that incorporate our Dynavision D2™ device. 

Inneuractive's™ unique brain-centric training exercises combines classic neurological exams with the latest sports science to help the best achieve better! Their training dynamics have shown to not only enhance mental, physical, and neural performance, but have also decreased injury rates and cut recovery time by half*! 

There is no easy fix. Some say it takes works... IT DOES! 

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Starting with a brain-centric baseline is key to gather quantitative data used for assessing individual brain health and can be useful to clinicians when making management decisions. 


Using baseline data, Inneuractive develops individual and team-based neurovisual training programs to improve eye discipline, peripheral vision, and brain processing. 


Once the program is developed, its time to TRAIN! Sessions typically occur for a total of 300 minutes over the span of 6-8 weeks or about 30 minutes 3x per week for 6-8 weeks. 


After training, you're brain is primed to perform at its best and most efficient! This also affords increased safety and quicker recovery times*. Think of it as analogous to strength & conditioning, but for your central nervous system (aka YOUR BRAIN!).

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