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The D2™ is used to evaluate and train visual, cognitive, and motor function across all ages, stages, and conditions. The D2™ is utilized in clinical rehabilitation to address underlying visual, cognitive and motor deficits including visual-motor reaction time, peripheral visual awareness, executive functions, active range-of-motion and dynamic balance. Function and performance improve as new skills develop and improve.


The Dynavision D2 is a highly effective sports training tool that helps athletes improve their reaction time, visual awareness and hand-eye coordination. The Dynavision D2, an interactive light board that uses 64 3D targets to train a broad range of skills, is widely used by professional athletes around the world who are looking to improve their performance. The leading sports training and neuro-cognitive rehabilitation device is known to improve users' peripheral perception and awareness, reaction time, hand-eye coordination, balance, cognitive processing ability, neuro-cognitive abilities, gross motor skills, and functional mobility.



  • 4’x4’ target board. Size of frame: 52” wide
  • 64 touch button lights arranged in 5 rings
  • Height adjustable board and impact resistant (7’5”-5’5”)
  • Target adjustments (location, color, frequency, duration)
  • Netbook PC. Standard 115v or 230v power.



Dynavision D2™

  • Weight:

    • Out of Box – 127 Lbs
    • Shipping Container - 1 box; 195 Lbs. (Plus pallet)


    • Dynavision D2 Light Board (Wall Mount) – No Stand
      • 4’x4’ target board. Size of frame: 52” wide
      • 64 touch button lights arranged in 5 rings
      • Light board in lowest position right out of the crate 5'5.75" (65.75"); (Sticks out from wall about 7" due to wheels)
      • Max. Height 7'11.5" (95.5") - Min. 5'5.75" (65.75")
    • In Crate Box is: 72” x 48” x 8”


    • 115 V - 50/60 Hz or 230 V - 50/60 Hz
    • Easily switched at the power entry module.


    • Any wall mounting surface; wood, drywall, or masonry
    • Detailed installation instructions and hardware included.
    • The D2 should be installed in an area with controllable lighting as it should be run at a low ambient light level.


    • Certified to UL Standard 60601-1 and CSA Standard C22.2 no#. 601.


    • Operators, Users, Installation and Troubleshooting Manuals are all on the included Netbook.
      • They may be accessed through the web-site with proper registration.
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