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What is the DYNAVISION D2™?

The DYNAVISION D2™ is the premier training and evaluation tool that records the user's reaction to light to train peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination, and visual reaction time. When the user sees the light, feels and presses the button on the light, and hears the beep, the D2 teaches each of the three senses in an integrated function.

The D2 device is used worldwide by athletes, athletic trainers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, functional neurologists, doctors, and scientists.  It is recognized and recommended as an immense value-add to any training environment by hospitals, rehab clinics, athletic training facilities, sports teams, and the military.

D2™ Training Improves:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Visual Perception, Spatial Awareness, and Reaction Times

  • Dynamic Visual Acuity

  • Ocular-Motor Skills and Control

  • Concentration, Focus, and Brain Function

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Mental Efficiency and Stamina

  • Balance

The D2™ Advantage

  • FDA Cleared Medical Device

  • Accurate Quantitative Data

  • Extrinsic motivator

  • Faster Recovery

  • Easy-to-use

  • Extreme durability 

  • 25+ years of published research

  • Clinical training and support

  • Non-subscription purchase

Common DYNAVISION D2™ Applications

  • Reaction time

  • Visual-motor integration

  • Compensatory visual scanning

  • Eye-hand coordination

  • Cognitive processing

  • Concentration under fatigue

  • Memory

  • Executive Functions

  • Divided/sustained attention

  • Dynamic balance

  • Active range-of-motion

  • Fine/gross motor coordination

  • Laterality/directionality

  • Fall prevention

  • Driver rehabilitation

DYNAVISION D2™ System Components

  • 4’x4’ Light Board

  • 64 Raised LED Buttons

  • Tachistoscope (T-Scope)

  • Programmable Software

DYNAVISION D2™ System Options & Add-Ons*

Dynavision D2™ Complete Visual-Motor Training System

1x D2™ Light Board, Laptop Computer with Pre-Installed Software including 6 Basic D2™ Programs, and a 1-Year Warranty (Warranty starts at first use)

Dynavision D2™ Mobile Stand

D2™ Mobile Stand allows quick and easy transport around your clinic; there is no need to stay stuck in one place due to the wall mount.

Virtual 2-Hour Training with a Technician

Elevate your performance in a personalized immersive 2-hour virtual training session. Tailored for diverse needs, providing hands-on practice, feedback, and actionable insights to master the equipment and achieve your unique objectives. (Optional)

ELITE™ Software Package – Upgrade

35 Pre-Installed, Advanced D2™ Programs with INSTRUCTIONS on How to Appropriately Use/Perform Exercise Programs. (Optional)


Our new factory installation process essentially allows for our D2 to be “plug and play”. Purchase of D2 Mobile Stand required.  (Optional)

Dynavision D2™ 2-Year Extended Warranty

2-Year Extended Warranty begins immediately after the included 1-Year Warranty expires. (Optional)

* System Options & Add-Ons Sold Separately

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