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Military Combat Readiness & Tactical
Training Device

The DYNAVISION D2™ is a highly effective tool for establishing a performance baseline for peripheral awareness and a comprehensive training experience designed to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and reaction speed. These abilities enable soldiers to quickly assimilate information from their environment, discern potential threats, and respond with precision and accuracy to determine the outcome of engagements.

The D2 device offers sophisticated training simulations replicating high-intensity, volatile combat conditions to help soldiers refine their visual faculties and enhance their speed of interpretation and reaction to visual cues, significantly boosting their operational performance and likelihood of survival.

​The military recognizes and recommends the D2 as an immense value-add training tool to enhance situational awareness, sharpen physical readiness, and elevate cognitive and sensory skills to unparalleled levels.

D2™ Training Improves:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Visual Perception, Spatial Awareness, and Reaction Times

  • Dynamic Visual Acuity

  • Ocular-Motor Skills and Control

  • Concentration, Focus, and Brain Function

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Mental Efficiency and Stamina

  • Balance

The D2™ Advantage

  • FDA Cleared Medical Device

  • Accurate Quantitative Data

  • Extrinsic motivator

  • Faster Recovery

  • Easy-to-use

  • Extreme durability 

  • 25+ years of published research

  • Clinical training and support

  • Non-subscription purchase

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