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Executive Team

Professional Headshot_Brian Vincent.jpg

Brian Vincent

Owner & President

With a rich tapestry of over 25 years in Organizational Leadership, especially within the Capital Equipment Sector, Brian has woven a journey of entrepreneurship and visionary leadership at Dynavision Global Holdings, which he founded in 2019. Taking the helm as President, he navigated the acquisition of Dynavision International in October 2019, reigniting the remarkable trajectory of a business that sits at the intersection of technology and cognitive training. Brian has been instrumental in propelling the innovative Dynavision D2™ device into various market channels, impacting athletics, hospitals, and rehab clinics nationwide. This family synergy has kindled a collective passion to foster healing and performance enhancement, ensuring that the limitless opportunities of Dynavision D2™ continue to illuminate numerous pathways in cognitive training and rehabilitation.

Managing Director Headshot.jpg

Mary Ann Vincent

Managing Director

With a deep-seated expertise in Human Resources and Financial Management, Mary Ann has adeptly steered the company through the complex maze of the manufacturing industry. Her commitment goes beyond merely upholding the stellar reputation of Dynavision D2™. Mary Ann passionately nurtures relationships with customers and stakeholders, simultaneously broadening the company’s research endeavors and consistently emphasizing its unmatched value in enhancing performance across a myriad of training and rehabilitation environments. Her leadership philosophy, rooted in the cultivation of an innovative and customer-centric team culture, ensures that Dynavision not merely meets, but persistently surpasses, the evolving needs and expectations of its wide-ranging clientele.

Professional Headshot_Jon Vincent.JPG

Jon Vincent

Director of Sales &
Medical Research Integration

Drawing from a rich background as a former Division 1 football player for the University of Cincinnati and deeply rooted in the realms of Neurophysiology and biomedical research, brings an invaluable dual perspective to Dynavision Global Holdings LLC. His unique journey through the athletic and scientific worlds enables him to champion the notable successes that the University of Cincinnati has demonstrated concerning concussion prevention, recovery, and performance enhancement, offering insights that are both deeply empathetic and rigorously analytical. Complementing his scientific acumen with an MBA, Jon melds his passion for translational medicine and love of aiding others, ingeniously integrating medical research and performance enhancement protocols into the Dynavision D2™ device. Not only is he at the forefront of propelling the device into new heights of efficacy and recognition, but Jon also spearheads performance training initiatives through Inneuractive Training™, ensuring that the application of the D2™ device is both innovative and grounded in the latest scientific research.

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