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Executive Team

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Brian Vincent

Owner & President

Having more than 25 years of Organizational Leadership within the Capital Equipment Sector, Brian found the unique opportunity to reignite the incredible business of Dynavision International.  He founded Dynavision Global Holdings in 2019 and purchased Dynavision International effective October 1, 2019. Together with his wife, Mary Ann and son, Jon, continue to bring the limitless opportunities of the Dynavision D2™ device to multiple market channels including athletics, hospitals, and rehab clinics across the nation.  He has been blessed to bridge his and his wife’s executive business experience with their son’s science and medical experiences to further foster a passion to heal.

Brian currently serves as the President of Dynavision Global Holdings LLC.

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Jon Vincent

Director of Sales & Medical Research Integration

Being a former Division 1 football player for the University of Cincinnati, Jon provides a unique perspective that allows him to utilize his background in Neurobiology and many years of biomedical research to help successfully advocate the successes UC has shown regarding concussion prevention, recovery, and performance enhancement; from both the athlete and scientist perspectives. Using his MBA and love of helping others through translational medicine, he integrates medical research and performance enhancement protocols into the Dynavision D2™ device. He is also leading performance training efforts through Inneuractive Training™.  

Jon currently serves as the Director of Sales & Medical Research Integration of Dynavision Global Holdings LLC.

Support Team

Brian Frank, Sales & Training Consultant


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